Hangzhou Overview

The heaven on earth-Hangzhou is a fabulous place with tranquil natural scenery, ancient history and classical Chinese culture. Hangzhou is one of the eight ancient capitals of China and a home to reputed famous teas-West Lake Longjing Tea. Do not miss the Dongpo pork, one of traditional Hangzhou dishes. Different sites and varied methods are provided for you to experience charming Hangzhou culture: West Lake, Lingyin Temple, Xixi Wetlands, “Impression, West Lake”, Qiandao Lake. Traffic is highly convenient to surrounding tourist cities such Shanghai, Nanjing, Beijing and ancient typical water towns such as Shaoxing, Wuzhen which has many traditional festivals.

Local Tours

West Lake, the premiere attraction of Hangzhou, poets and artists going back over a thousand years went...

Tours to Hangzhou

Hangzhou has a very convenient traffic for it only takes a few hours from Shanghai, Nanjing and Beijing by high-speed rail...

Surrounding Tours

There also exist many historical & cultural towns and natural sceneries surrounding Hangzhou...

Culture Tours

Hangzhou is a unique city to experience Chinese culture in many aspects...

Hangzhou Travels

An Intoxicating and fascinated place----Hangzhou
The South is dear to me, The scenes stay in my memory. Over the waves the sun glows, redder than fire, And the spring water flows, as blue as... More>
Free WiFi --- “i-xihu” Opens up in West Lake scenic area
Do you remember the “i-hangzhou”? Owing to it, Hangzhou became the first city offering free outdoor WiFi.   Now, more welfare is coming for... More>